“Jump Start” is a daily devotional that was introduced at the Charlestown Road church of Christ in 2010. It was sent every morning by email to the congregation. These were not intended to be a heavy and exhaustive Biblical study but rather a thoughtful and light reflection based upon the passage of the day. The purpose was simply to help us “Jump Start” the day. These are intended to be read one-a-day. Often the morning can be very stressful and hectic. Getting everyone up and out and fighting traffic can leave our hearts and minds in a mess. Our busy schedules often leaves us with little time to spend with the Lord in prayer and study. How you start the day often determines what kind of day it will be. “Jump Start” is simply a way to begin the day with a passage and a few comments written by me. The purpose was to help us keep our perspective, to remain thoughtful and reflective and to bring glory to our God. The comments about each passage are not rocket science. I rarely turned to reference books when writing these. “Jump Start” are a reflection of what I thought and felt about some wonderful passages.

In the course of our first month of sending out the “Jump Start” we received many wonderful and encouraging comments. Several proclaimed that the first thing they did when they got to work or started the day was to get a cup of coffee and read the “Daily Jump Start.”